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Billet Throttle Bodies for Subaru FA20
BLOX Racing throttle bodies for the Subaru FA20 engines are CNC-machined from high quality, bille..
BLOX Beanie :: Black with stacked logo
100% Turbo-spun acrylic knit; hypoallergenic; hand washable Fold @ 2" Height @ 9” OSF..
BLOX Beanie :: Custom 3-tone
100% Turbo-spun acrylic knit; hypoallergenic; hand washable Fold @ 2.5" Height @ 10.5” ..
BLOX Skull Cap Beanie :: Black with horizontal logo
100% Turbo-spun acrylic knit; hypoallergenic; hand washable Height @ 8.5” OSFA  ..
Coolant Plug :: K-series
The BLOX Racing Coolant Hose Plug is CNC-machined from high quality billet aluminum. Each one is ..
Reverse Lockout Lever Adapter - Black
The BLOX Racing reverse lockout adapter allows its 12x1.25 line of shift knobs to be used with th..
Reverse Lockout Lever Adapter - Silver
The BLOX Racing reverse lockout adapter allows its 12x1.25 line of shift knobs to be used with th..
Shift Knob Beanie, Round (ONLINE ONLY)
Protect your knob!  BLOX Racing shift knob covers are perfect for protecting your shift knob..
"Original" Gun Metal Type-R Shift Knob
OUT OF STOCK :: BXAC-00202, BXAC-00210-6 BLOX Racing Type-R 5- and 6-speed shift knobs are ..
2004+ Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, IX Vortex Generator
The BLOX Racing vortex generator is molded out of ABS plastic and is designed to be used as an OE..
2016+ Honda Civic Sedan 1.5T Exhaust :: T304
BLOX Racing's newest exhaust system will be available for the 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T sedan. ..
Adjustable 52mm Gauge Holders
Each gauge holder is constructed out of heavy-duty steel and features either a small or large bas..
Adjustable 60mm Gauge Holders
BLOX Racing offers two distinct styles and sizes of gauge holders. Each gauge holder is construct..
Adjustable Cam Gears for Honda D-Series SOHC VTEC
BLOX Racing adjustable cam gears are manufactured using high quality billet AL6061 and CNC-machin..
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
OUT OF STOCK :: BLACK   [PRODUCT SPEC SHEET] The BLOX Racing adjustable fuel p..
Billet Cam Seals - Version 1
OUT OF STOCK: BLACK, GUN METAL BLOX Racing cam seals are CNC-machined from high quality bil..
Billet Cam Seals - Version 2
Billet Engine Mount :: 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution X
BLOX Racing billet front mounts for the Mitsubishi Evolution X are designed to reduce the amount ..
Billet Honda VTEC Solenoid Cover - Small
  Dress up your engine bay with this high quality, billet aluminum VTEC solenoid cover.&..
Billet Lower Control Arms - EG/DC : Polyurethane Bushings
OUT OF STOCK: RAW, BLACK, RED BLOX is proud to introduce its next generation billet lower c..
Billet Throttle Bodies for 2016+ Civic 1.5T :: 56MM
One area the L15B7 needed immediate improvement was the throttle body.  The OEM throttle bod..
Billet Throttle Bodies for Nissan GTR R35
BLOX x JOTECH COLLABORATION  The co-branded product line will begin with the introductio..
Block Guards for Honda D-Series SOHC VTEC (D16Z6-Y8)
BLOX Racing engine block guards help strengthen and support the upper cylinders walls in open-dec..
BLOX Block Letters Tee
Each design is screen printed on 100% cotton, uni-sex shirts. Features BLOX Racing text in re..
Charge Pipe Kit :: 2015-2019 WRX
BLOX Racing’s charge pipe kit replaces the factory’s restrictive hot side pipe on the 2015-2019 S..
$250.00 $170.00
Clutch Line :: B/D/H/F
All BLOX Racing clutch lines are made using -3AN stainless steel.  Each T304 stainless steel..
D-series SOHC VTEC Stage 1 Camshaft
BLOX Racing camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec, chill-cast camshaft cores.&nb..
Differential Collar Kit - Honda S2000
The BLOX Racing differential collar kit for the Honda S2000 helps limit the amount of flex associ..
DR Spherical Shift Knobs :: Black Delrin
BLOX Racing DR Spherical shift knobs are CNC-machined from industrial-grade polyoxymethylene. Thi..
Engine Mount Rings - Honda S2000
The BLOX Racing engine mount rings for the Honda S2000 help solidify the OEM mounts.  By add..