Drag Pro Series :: ITR

Drag Pro Series :: ITR
Drag Pro Series :: ITR
Product Code: BXSS-00102-TR
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ITR owners can now order BLOX Racing's world famous Drag Pro Series coilovers without being forced to purchase or switch over to non Type-R rear lower control arms!

Each BLOX Racing coilover system is designed with specifically matched spring rates and shock valving to offer enthusiasts unparalleled handling characteristics, while maintaining suitable ride comfort and quality.

The Drag Pro Series adjustable coilover system is strictly designed for drag racing.  Drag racers can properly set-up their suspension, which is often overlooked, by adjusting their vehicle’s ride height and corner weights to compensate for front end lift and rear end squatting. The Drag Pro Series adjustable coilover greatly improves quarter mile 60-ft times and increases high speed stability.

Click here for real-world test results courtesy of IPG Parts

Package Contents
4 full-bodied coilovers
Includes ITR adapters for rear coilovers
Spanner wrench

Front: 12kg/mm
Rear: 18kg/mm