Fuel Pumps - Compact "300" (Gasoline)

Fuel Pumps - Compact "300" (Gasoline)
Fuel Pumps - Compact "300" (Gasoline) Fuel Pumps - Compact "300" (Gasoline)
Product Code: BXFU-03265
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BLOX Racing 300 compact, electric fuel pumps are designed as a direct replacement or high performance upgrade for fuel systems requiring additional flow for high horsepower naturally aspirated and forced induction engine builds.

The compact design provides an OEM fitment and accommodates a wider range of newer and new vehicle applications.  BLOX 300 pumps provide over 310LPH at 45PSI*, consistently and reliably.

BLOX Racing 300 fuel pumps are:

  • Electric, in-tank
  • For gasoline engines
  • Not intended for carbureted engines
  • Not intended for external use

Product inclues the following:

  • 1x 2x6 filter; 1x semi-circle filter
  • Harness, hose, clamps, connectors, O-rings