Mini Antennas

The BLOX Racing Mini Antenna is the stylish replacement for the flimsy, unattractive factory antenna. Mini antennas' small, minimalistic design makes a big visual statement adding a sense of style and a more aerodynamic look. Solid fasteners and a tapered base makes it sturdy and appear like an extension of the car design, not an add-on. It is precision-crafted from CNC-machined billet aluminum and comes if silver and anodized black finishes. 

This replaces the factory antenna for Honda S2000, Honda Fit, Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, IX, and a other vehicles with similar thread pitch.

The car wash can't break it, the highest speeds can't shake it, now that you know who makes it, go ahead and take it.


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Mini Antennas
OUT OF STOCK :: BXAC-00512 (LARGE) BLOX Racing's stylish replacement mini antennas are CNC-..