BLOX Racing offers high quality and reliable engine components that are designed and engineered to increase horsepower and torque.

Each performance product is designed and made using the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing processes, using the highest quality materials available.

BLOX Racing engine components are all designed to provide the proper foundation for building reliable horsepower, while offering the correct building blocks for increasing performance.

BLOX Racing engine components are proven everyday; from the fastest and quickest race cars to today's top industry publications.

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Aluminum Radiator Cores :: 1992-2000 Honda Civic
PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE BLOX Racing aluminum radiators are a perfect upgrade for any high perfo..
Billet Throttle Bodies for Subaru FA20
BLOX Racing throttle bodies for the Subaru FA20 engines are CNC-machined from high quality, bille..
2.5" Composite Velocity Stacks
BLOX Racing composite velocity stacks are injection-molded from PA66 glass-filled nylon.  Ea..
Adjustable Cam Gears for Honda D-Series SOHC VTEC
OUT OF STOCK BLOX Racing adjustable cam gears are manufactured using high quality billet AL..
Billet Throttle Bodies for 2016+ Civic 1.5T :: 56MM
One area the L15B7 needed immediate improvement was the throttle body.  The OEM throttle bod..
Billet Throttle Bodies for Nissan GTR R35
BLOX x JOTECH COLLABORATION  The co-branded product line will begin with the introductio..
Block Guards for Honda D-Series SOHC VTEC (D16Z6-Y8)
BLOX Racing engine block guards help strengthen and support the upper cylinders walls in open-dec..
Competition Series Chain Tensioner :: S2000 :: Patent Pending
PATENT PENDING The BLOX Racing CSCT (Competition Series Chain Tensioner) for the Honda S2000 ..
D-series SOHC VTEC Stage 1 Camshaft
BLOX Racing camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec, chill-cast camshaft cores.&nb..
Distributor Coil :: Honda B/D
BLOX Racing’s ignition coil is a direct-fit replacement for OEM Honda B/D-series distributors. ..
Gen2 HyperTemp VQ35DE Plenum Spacer :: 5/16"
The GEN2 HyperTemp 5/16” spacer keeps the original’s design and shape, but is now made out of a n..
Heavy Duty Detent Springs :: Honda
As our beloved old school, Honda ages so goes many of its OEM parts and hardware. One of the ..
High Compression Valves for Honda D-Series SOHC VTEC (D16Z6-Y8)
BLOX Racing high compression, stardard size valves are forged from EV8 stainless steel. Each valv..
High Pressure Radiator Cap, 1.3 Bar - Type-A
Even when coolant begins to heat up, pressure begins to build inside the radiator.  BLOX Rac..
Induction Air Box : EG Chassis
BLOX Induction Air Boxes are crafted from high-quality aluminum.  Each air box is handmade a..
Lost Motion Assembly
BLOX Racing LMA (Lost Motion Assembly) is a necessary upgrade when your OEM lost motion assembly ..
MLS Head Gasket :: Honda B16/B18 :: 81mm
BLOX Racing is excited to introduce its new line of metal head gaskets.  These 3-layer MLS h..
MLS Head Gasket :: Honda B20B :: 84mm
BLOX Racing is excited to introduce its new line of metal head gaskets.  These 3-layer MLS h..
Oil Pan Baffle :: Honda K-series
[PRODUCT SPEC SHEET] BLOX Racing's Oil Pan Baffle is designed to prevent oil from sloshing in..
Performance Air Filter - Flat Panel
The BLOX flat panel air filter is constructed using cotton, instead of foam or paper.  Cotto..
Power Intake Manifolds for Acura Integra LS (B18A-B, B20B-Z) - Version 3
[PRODUCT SPEC SHEET] The BLOX Racing Power Intake Manifold features a larger plenum and longe..
Titanium Retainers for Honda D-Series SOHC VTEC (D16Z6-Y8)
BLOX Racing retainers are CNC-machined from the highest quality titanium available on the market...
TPS - Honda B / D / H / F series engines
The throttle position sensor (TPS) is basically a potentiometer that provides a variable resistan..
Tuner Series Throttle Body :: 66mm
OUT OF STOCK BLOX Racing Tuner Series throttle bodies are alternatives to its line of bille..
Tuner Series Throttle Body :: 68mm
OUT OF STOCK BLOX Racing is pleased to offer its updated line of cast, aluminum throttle bo..
Tuner Series Throttle Body :: 70mm
BLOX Racing is pleased to offer its updated line of cast, aluminum throttle bodies. It's original..
Vacuum Manifold Blocks
OUT OF STOCK: BLACK, SILVER Each BLOX Racing billet vacuum manifold kit is a great addition..
Valve Springs for Honda D-Series SOHC VTEC (D16Z6-Y8)
[PRODUCT SPEC SHEET] BLOX Racing valve springs are wound using super clean, chrome silicone a..
2.5" Aluminum Velocity Stacks
OUT OF STOCK :: 2.5" BLUE, RED BLOX Racing aluminum velocity stacks are CNC-machined out of..