Stainless steel: BLOX Racing uses 100% T304 to produce its line of exhaust systems. Each features mandrel-bent tubing, CNC machined flanges and TIG-welded seams. Spent exhaust pass through dual canisters with 109mm slip-fit tips.

Titanium: BLOX Racing uses Grade 1 material, which is the purest commercially available. Each one is handmade and hand TIG-welded. Flanges are also made out of titanium and are laser-cut. These systems also feature dual canisters with 109mm slip-fit tips. The titanium system is intended for the purest with discerning and discriminant taste for the absolute exotic and best.

The BLOX Racing exhaust for the FR-S and BRZ is the only true-dual production exhaust system available, featuring 61mm to dual 51mm. Testing has shown this combination of tubing size to produce the best all around power for naturally aspirated set-ups.







BLOX Racing exhaust systems help to increase usable horsepower and torque by providing a more efficient flow path. BLOX Racing manufactures its systems using T304 stainless steel and, with certain applications, Grade 1 titanium. BLOX Racing exhaust systems are designed and tested with the proper sized tubing needed to maximize flow and gains.

T304 stainless steel systems feature mandrel-bent tubing to ensure the smoothest bends and transitions; CNC machined flanges; TIG-welded seams to ensure strength and durability.

Titanium systems are constructed from Grade 1, the purest form of the exotic metal. Each is handmade and hand TIG-welded and feature laser-cut exhaust flanges.

All BLOX Racing exhaust systems feature high-flow canisters.


In our previous segment, we introduced our K-swap header for the EG, EK and DC chassis and briefly touched up on the titanium version. Here, what the complete follow-up on our K-Swap headers in T304 and Grade 1 titanium. ONLY (10) titanium headers will be introduced in our initial handmade production run.


BLOX Racing exhaust headers are made using 16-gauge T304 stainless steel. In general, T304 stainless steel headers are available in Hi-Flo and Max-Flo (2-pc, 4-2-2-1 Tri-Y) for B-series engines and a K-Swap (2-pc, 4-2-1 Tri-Y) application for K-series engines in EG, EK and DC chassis.blox-headers-30

Each header features mandrel-bent, stepped tubing; TIG-welded seams and CNC machined flanges measuring 10mm (head) and 8mm (at collector). BLOX Racing matches cylinders 1&3, 2&4 together.

BXEX-00500, Hi-Flo: 42mm – 45mm – 51mm; 15.20lbs
BXEX-00501, Max-Flo: 45mm – 50mm – 55mm; 15.75lbs
BXEX-00510, K-Swap: 49mm – 51mm – 56mm; 15.50lbs

For more product details and pricing, please visit our Exhaust Header product section on our website.