BLOX Racing throttle bodies for the Subaru FA20 engines are CNC-machined from high quality, billet aluminum.

Designed to be 100% bolt on and plug and play, these larger bore units do not require any special modifications or rewiring. Once installed, the factory ECU will provide a “relearn” and dial in the new throttle body.

Measures at 70mm and provides increased incoming air, which provides more usable power and torque.


BLOX Racing’s FR-S/BRZ Front Pipes are now available in two versions: mandrel-bent T304 and handmade GR1 Titanium. Both extremely high quality products have been designed to directly replace the factory’s restrictive piping. The BLOX Front Pipe greatly reduces back pressure. With increased exhaust flow, horsepower and torque are increased. Gains are significantly increased when combined with BLOX Racing’s UEL header and True-Dual exhaust system.

The stainless steel Front Pipe is made using mandrel-bent T304 while the GR1 Ti is handmade from the highest quality titanium available. Both are then expertly TIG-welded and feature O2 bungs, laser-cut flanges and brackets.

OD: 60mm
ID: 58mm
Laser-cut flanges: 8mm thickness


FR-S & BRZ overpipes (commonly called s-pipes also) are now shipping worldwide. All overpipes are available in T304 stainless steel and GR1 Titanium.

Installation is straightforward and mates beautifully with BLOX Racing UEL headers and True-Dual exhaust systems. Both are also available in T304 and GR1 Titanium.

The true beauty lies in the expert craftsmanship and welding. BLOX Racing products are setting the new standard for high performance products with show quality finishes.


Pictured: Overpipe in T304 stainless steel