BLOX Racing’s S2000 clutch master cylinders are available in standard and QR trim. BLOX Racing using manufacturing processes to create master cylinders that meet or exceed OEM quality. Each is then heat-treated and surface-hardened for durability, then pressure tested to over 20Pa to ensure consistent reliability.

BLOX Racing’s Competition Series QR Clutch Master Cylinder features a specially designed, thicker 21mm piston but shorter stroke measuring at only 28mm. Compared to an OEM unit or the original BLOX CMC, clutch pedal travel has been greatly reduced by 45%. Now, clutch engagement and shifting are quicker and more precise.

BLOX Racing’s S2000 clutch master cylinders are a direct-fit OEM replacement for all Honda S2000 AP1 and AP2. BLOX Racing S2000 clutch master cylinders have also been proven as the ideal product for shaved engine bay and wire tuck builds.

BLOX Racing S2000 clutch master cylinders are part of its growing line of brake, clutch and slave cylinders and adapters, including other Performance DIY products.

Now Available


BLOX Racing’s new S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder is the perfect addition for today’s Honda Civic and Acura Integra enthusiast looking to create that prime engine bay.  The S2000 CMC is manufactured using OEM standards and specifications, where the reservoir is attached to the cylinder body.  This “one piece” design makes it a must-have for that clean bay presentation.

BLOX’s Clutch Master Cylinder adapter must be used in conjunction, and is available separately in black and silver.

In addition, BLOX’s S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder is ideal as a direct-fit and cost effective replacement for all S2000 years.

New Products for S2000


BLOX Tunnel Brace for S2000 P1

The BLOX Racing tunnel brace for the Honda S2000 reinforces the tunnel floor by replacing the OEM propeller shaft guard.

Part #: BXSS-20510
Retail: $50.00



BLOX Steering Rack
Rigid Bushings Kit

BLOX Racing’s rigid bushing kit replaces the Honda S2000s factory’s soft, rubber mounts along the steering rack.

Part #: BXSS-20614
Retail: $100.00

BLOX Half Shaft Spacers

The BLOX Racing half shaft spacer kit helps alleviate the stress, and associated wear, at the CV joints.

Part #: BXDL-00101
Retail: $125.00

BLOX Engine Mount Rings

The BLOX Racing engine mount rings for the Honda S2000 help solidify the OEM mounts.

Part #: BXSS-20314
Retail: $100.00

BLOX Diff Collar Kit

The BLOX Racing differential collar kit for the Honda S2000 helps limit the amount of flex associated with the OEM rubber bushings.

Part #: BXDL-00100
Retail: $125.00

BLOX Front Bump Steer Kit
12mm or 20mm

Installing the BLOX Racing front bump steer kit helps correct the steering rod geometry back to its ideal position.

Part #: BXSS-20354
Retail: $75.00