BLOX Racing DR Spherical shift knobs are CNC-machined from industrial-grade polyoxymethylene. This engineered thermoplasic provides high strength stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. The inside base of each shift knob is counterbored and is designed to accommodate reverse lock-out levers.

Specially designed BLOX Racing shift knob bands, in black and chrome, are included to put your own final touch on your new shift knob.  Offered in black and white Delrin and available in 10×1.5, 10×1.25 and 12×1.25 thread pitch.

Sphere diameter: 49mm
Base outside width: 33mm
Base inside width: 25mm
Height: 57mm
Weight: 91 grams

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BLOX Racing is excited to announce that is has formed a strategic and collaborative partnership with Jotech Motorsports.

Jotech is using its 20+ years of racing and tuning experience and its world renowned expertise with the Nissan GTR R35 to develop and introduce a line of performance products that will be manufactured by and co-branded with BLOX Racing.

Jotech is tapping into BLOX Racing’s expertise in contract and product manufacturing, including its background as an established performance brand. This strategic alliance will key in on using the highest quality products to offer the best performance products. BLOX Racing’s product quality, seen in its current product line, will now be presented to a new demographic which includes Jotech’s worldwide customer base of GTR owners. BLOX Racing will also help make BLOX x Jotech products available through its existing channels of authorized national and international distributors.

The co-branded product line will begin with the introduction of billet, big bore throttle bodies for the R35. These 72mm units will retain their OEM drive-by-wire operation and provide increased airflow, resulting in more power and torque. BLOX x Jotech products will be made available directly through their engine building and tuning services.

Initial production runs have already sold out but new pre-orders are available again. Please call 510.440.1605.