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In our previous segment, we introduced our K-swap header for the EG, EK and DC chassis and briefly touched up on the titanium version. Here, what the complete follow-up on our K-Swap headers in T304 and Grade 1 titanium. ONLY (10) titanium headers will be introduced in our initial handmade production run.


BLOX Racing exhaust headers are made using 16-gauge T304 stainless steel. In general, T304 stainless steel headers are available in Hi-Flo and Max-Flo (2-pc, 4-2-2-1 Tri-Y) for B-series engines and a K-Swap (2-pc, 4-2-1 Tri-Y) application for K-series engines in EG, EK and DC chassis.blox-headers-30

Each header features mandrel-bent, stepped tubing; TIG-welded seams and CNC machined flanges measuring 10mm (head) and 8mm (at collector). BLOX Racing matches cylinders 1&3, 2&4 together.

BXEX-00500, Hi-Flo: 42mm – 45mm – 51mm; 15.20lbs
BXEX-00501, Max-Flo: 45mm – 50mm – 55mm; 15.75lbs
BXEX-00510, K-Swap: 49mm – 51mm – 56mm; 15.50lbs

For more product details and pricing, please visit our Exhaust Header product section on our website.


Here are some highlights of the Honda Odyssey Absolute RB1. The Absolute moniker is like what “SiR” and “Type-R” are for the Civics but specifically for the minivan.

It comes equipped with a K24A and is the only model available with an all black interior, compared to other international models. It also has a lower roof line and (what seems like) a shorter wheelbase compared to its USDM counterpart.

20160930_15131120160930_152243 20160930_151647 ody2-20161007_091603