Here’s a first-look at the 2010 Honda Civic Type-R Euro we imported from Japan. Currently, this is the only FN2 CTR in the US and (soon to be) on the road.

Stay tuned for more updates.


First look at the rear of the FN2 Type-R Euro (09-30-2016)


Unloading the FN2


Working on the doors, brakes and suspension (10-03-2016)


Getting the K20A lined up

RBC Adapters


BLOX Racing offers a throttle body adapter for Honda K-series enthusiasts wanting to use the RBC intake manifold but wanting to retain the drive-by-cable operation.

web-62-5mm-247media-0006    web-62-5mm-247media-0007

In a nutshell, the Honda RBC intake manifold is the best performing manifold for the K-series engine but is hampered by the factory’s electronic drive-by-wire system. Using the BLOX Racing throttle body adapter allows the enthusiast and engine builder to bolt on a BLOX Racing billet K-series or the OEM K20A2 throttle body onto the RBC intake manifold, providing quicker throttle response and intake airflow.

BLOX Racing RBC adapters are available in 62.5mm (stock size) and 70mm bores.

BLOX Racing billet K-series throttle bodies are available in 70mm and 72mm. K-series TPS are also available.