BLOX Racing is pleased to add (3) new designs to it current line of lifestyle performance accessories.

Each unique caricature has been hand drawn. The Honda EG and EK designs are 2D printed on heavy duty PVC, while the Acura DC is printed then epoxy-sealed on to metal. All keychains feature the BLOX Racing logo in color on the reverse side.

Any of these are the perfect accessories to help you quickly identify and set your keys apart from your group. Perfect gifts for birthdays and the upcoming holidays.

Order yours today!


BLOX Racing’s 2.5″ exhaust donuts are back-in-stock and shipping.

BLOX Racing also offers exhaust donuts specifically for Subaru, including a wide array of other DIY products. The Performance DIY line is perfect for building and assembling your own high performance component. Experienced fabricators and performance hobbyists, alike, now can have access to the same high quality components that top manufacturers use when making their own products. Choose from various components that allow you to build your own exhaust header, turbocharger kit or performance exhaust system.

With BLOX Racing Performance DIY products, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.


Here are some highlights of the Honda Odyssey Absolute RB1. The Absolute moniker is like what “SiR” and “Type-R” are for the Civics but specifically for the minivan.

It comes equipped with a K24A and is the only model available with an all black interior, compared to other international models. It also has a lower roof line and (what seems like) a shorter wheelbase compared to its USDM counterpart.

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