The BLOX Racing solid shifter bushing replaces the OEM rubber piece. The OEM rubber becomes sloppy over time and may even begin to detoriate. The 2-piece billet aluminum design installs easily and does not require any modifications.

The BLOX Racing shift bushing improves the dynamics of shifting with increased precision and response. Works perfectly with BLOX Racing billet short throw shifters. Available in Raw aluminum and anodized Black and Silver.

Pair with our 2-piece, rear solid bushing.


HSL Cams – Back in Stock

BLOX HSL > High Speed Lift < camshafts are available for the B-series DOHC VTEC powerplant and are the ideal cams for mild to highly modified street engine builds.  These are one of the BEST naturally-aspirated camshafts available!

With the proper set-up and tuning, these camshafts are great for turbocharged engines.

All BLOX Racing camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec, chill-cast camshaft cores.

Upgraded valvetrain is required.



Dyno by DNR Performance: HSL cams on naturally aspirated set-up.



Now Available


BLOX Racing’s new S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder is the perfect addition for today’s Honda Civic and Acura Integra enthusiast looking to create that prime engine bay.  The S2000 CMC is manufactured using OEM standards and specifications, where the reservoir is attached to the cylinder body.  This “one piece” design makes it a must-have for that clean bay presentation.

BLOX’s Clutch Master Cylinder adapter must be used in conjunction, and is available separately in black and silver.

In addition, BLOX’s S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder is ideal as a direct-fit and cost effective replacement for all S2000 years.