AM4A5117BLOX Racing takes the pain and confusion out of fuel injector harness splicing and soldering. With BLOX Racing Quick Connectors, installing is quick and easy.

These quick connectors feature a 1-piece molded body and no wires.

Simply connect and go!



BLOX Racing Quick Connectors are available for the following harnesses.

  • EV1 (female) to EV6/EV14 (male)
  • EV6/EV14 (female) to EV1 (male)
  • EV6/EV14 (female) to Honda OBD2 (male)
  • EV6/EV14 (female) to Denso (male)

Quick Connectors are available in the following quantities.

  • Single piece
  • Set of 4
  • Set of 6
  • Set of 8


4451 (-6in)

BLOX Racing offers metric to -AN fuel adapter fittings for its 440-LPH external fuel pumps. Each is machined precisely to unsure proper threading and sealing. A crush washer is included with each.


Fittings are available for the inlet and outlet ports of the fuel pump in these -AN sizes:
  • -6AN
  • -8AN
  • -10AN
Note: 440-LPH fuel pump (BXFU-04440) sold separately. Crush washers (2-pk) available as replacement parts.
  • Inlet port: M18x1.5
  • Outlet port: M12x1.5