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BLOX Racing universal 6″ air filters and filter kits are ready to be installed in your build. Filter kits feature either 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″ or 4″ composite velocity stacks and silicone couplers. Filters and filter kits can be installed in the OEM location or custom mounted virtually anywhere. Great for turbo applications.


BLOX Racing billet cam seals and magnetic drain plugs are back in stock and probably two of the most important service parts you will need in maintaining your engine.

BXAC-00402-V2 (All Colors)



Billet cam seals are machined from billet aluminum and feature 3x Viton O-rings to ensure a proper seal.

Use new cam seals when servicing or replacing your engine’s camshaftsBXAC-00405-6



BLOX Racing magnetic drain plugs may seem insignificant but in fact may help save your engine from harmful metal particles circulating in your engine or transmission oil.

The drain plugs’ strong magnets will attract the shards and can be cleaned during regular oil changes.