These dowels make life easier when building and assembling a LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC engine. The purpose of the dowels is the properly align the cylinder head to the cylinder block. There is no need for any further drilling or machining to the head or block for dowel fitment and alignment.

BLOX Racing dowels are precision machined out of high quality steel.

Sold as a pair. Complete conversion kits and other individual components coming soon.



AM4A5117BLOX Racing takes the pain and confusion out of fuel injector harness splicing and soldering. With BLOX Racing Quick Connectors, installing is quick and easy.

These quick connectors feature a 1-piece molded body and no wires.

Simply connect and go!



BLOX Racing Quick Connectors are available for the following harnesses.

  • EV1 (female) to EV6/EV14 (male)
  • EV6/EV14 (female) to EV1 (male)
  • EV6/EV14 (female) to Honda OBD2 (male)
  • EV6/EV14 (female) to Denso (male)

Quick Connectors are available in the following quantities.

  • Single piece
  • Set of 4
  • Set of 6
  • Set of 8


4451 (-6in)

BLOX Racing offers metric to -AN fuel adapter fittings for its 440-LPH external fuel pumps. Each is machined precisely to unsure proper threading and sealing. A crush washer is included with each.


Fittings are available for the inlet and outlet ports of the fuel pump in these -AN sizes:
  • -6AN
  • -8AN
  • -10AN
Note: 440-LPH fuel pump (BXFU-04440) sold separately. Crush washers (2-pk) available as replacement parts.
  • Inlet port: M18x1.5
  • Outlet port: M12x1.5