BLOX Super Wide Mirrors



BLOX is pleased to introduce its line of Super Wide mirrors. Each is designed to clip over the factory rear view mirror, giving the driver a wider range of visibility. With increased visibility on both sides of the car, blind spots are practically eliminated.

BLOX Super Wide mirrors are convex in shape and are available in standard (no tint) and blue tint. The blue tint helps reduce the glare of headlights during dusk and nighttime driving.

Coming Soon

7ce4e24e-e8a6-4c3e-8369-0689fad70c18BLOX is proud to introduce two new applications into its line of in-tank fuel pumps.

The 300LPH electric pump will be available soon for gasoline engines and for engines running ethanol, such as E85. The compact design provides an OEM fitment and accommodates a wider range of new vehicle applications.

BLOX 300LPH pumps provide over 300LPH at 45PSI*, consistently and reliably.

Part Numbers: Pricing Info TBA

  • BXFU-03265 : 300LPH fuel pump; Gasoline
  • BXFU-03265-E : 300LPH fuel pump; Ethanol Compatible