Billet TPS Version 2 – Now Shipping

BLOX is pleased to introduce its updated TPS (throttle position sensor) design for the Honda K-series powerplant. The new TPS unit features a billet aluminum casing that fits over the TPS and protects it from any engine grime and debris.

The billet casing also provides an additional layer of assurance from engine vibrations. The billet casing features the BLOX logo and part number to guarantee its authenticity.

This product fits BXIM-00215 (70mm) and BXIM-00216 (72mm) billet throttle bodies, as well as, OEM units.

  • Improved TPS design
  • CNC-machined, billet aluminum casing
  • Incorporated fitment
  • Direct bolt-on
  • 15-month warranty


  • 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S
  • 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si EP3


New Lower Price!

Great news for K-series fans! BLOX K-series TPS are now just $75.00.

No need to purchase a new throttle and TPS unit from the dealer. TPS works on OEM and BLOX billet throttle bodies. TPS available for K20 RSX, Type-S and Civic EP3 and K24 Accord, CRV, and Element.

Order your replacement TPS today!

Price reduction applicable to BXIM-10401, BXIM-10402, BXIM-10403


HSL Cams – Back in Stock

BLOX HSL > High Speed Lift < camshafts are available for the B-series DOHC VTEC powerplant and are the ideal cams for mild to highly modified street engine builds.  These are one of the BEST naturally-aspirated camshafts available!

With the proper set-up and tuning, these camshafts are great for turbocharged engines.

All BLOX Racing camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec, chill-cast camshaft cores.

Upgraded valvetrain is required.



Dyno by DNR Performance: HSL cams on naturally aspirated set-up.



Billet Fender Washers

BLOX fender washers are precision CNC-machined from high quality, billet aluminum.  Each is then anodized in eight brilliant finishes.

The BLOX logo is cleverly etched on the underside so that the true beauty of the product is maximized. The BLOX fender washer kit includes 6-washers and stainless steel, M6 bolts.  Kits are available in small and large diameters.

  • Small: 16.9mm
  • Large: 19.7mmwashers_1117



255LPH and 320LPH pumps now available

fuel-pumps_1002BLOX Racing is proud to introduce and release its new line of high performance fuel pumps.  BLOX Racing fuel pumps are designed to be used as replacement units but more importantly, as upgrades to meet the demands for additional flow.  BLOX Racing fuel pumps are ideal for high horsepower naturally aspirated and forced induction engines that require consistent and reliable fuel flow.

BLOX 255LPH and 320LPH are available in center, offset and inline offsets and cover a majority of applications.255-comp-web