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BLOX Racing’s standard adjustable front camber kits are designed to replace the vehicle’s factory upper control arms.

BLOX Racing adjustable front camber kits allow the user to adjust and fine tune the front suspension’s camber settings for optimum driving and cornering performance.

swaybar_honda-500x500BLOX Racing sway bars are designed and manufactured to greatly improve the vehicle’s handling, reduce body roll, as well as, increase the vehicle’s lateral stiffness.

Each sway bar is made from SAE 9254 spring steel, shot-peened and heat treated, and feature precision forged ends and exclusive urethane / Teflon composite bushings that eliminate squeaks and the need for lubrication.




Now Available

Ti-Lugnuts-2013-20PcKit-LRThese 7-sided lug nuts are forged from high quality titanium then machined to precise thread pitch specifications.

Available in single-piece, set of 16 and set of 20 in 12×1.5 and 12×1.25 thread pitch patterns.


BXAC-00402-V2 (All Colors) BXDL-00101-RD



CNC-machined from high quality billet aluminum and feature three O-rings.

Each piece is anodized for durability and offers maximum protection against oil leaks compared to OEM or other aftermarket cam seals.



The BLOX Racing half shaft spacer kit is specifically designed for lowered Honda S2000s. When the vehicle is lowered, the angle of the driveshaft is altered, causing play between the driveshaft roller and spider. This, in turn, causes and places stress at the CV joints and differential output shaft bearings. The result is a prominent “clicking” and, worse, rear-end vibrations.