BLOX2013 – 10th Anniversary

Celebrate with us as we observe our 10th anniversary!  Available in our apparel section.  While supplies last.

BLOX2013 – Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone that came out and supported BLOX2013: the sponsors, vendors, participants and especially all the attendees. We also have to thank the City of Fremont and our business neighbors for supporting our plans for our 4th annual event. The street fair was a new experience and definitely hard work and it’s something that we are tremendously proud of being able to pull off.

Although we hoped for the best, we didn’t really know what to expect with the new, street fair layout. Were vendors going to confused or late? Was there going to be a huge traffic jam during check-in and load-in? But all our worries were laid to rest when vendor set-up and car show roll-in went extremely well. It was so organized that we were all able to finish before our permit time frame. Also new for this year was the addition of three of the South Bay’s coolest club DJs sharing the spotlight on the stage and a live band; One A-Chord. They were able to set the tone for the event and kept everyone chill and mellow for the remainder of the day. If it’s one thing we kept hearing time and time again was how relaxing the show atmosphere was from beginning to end.

As with previous events, BLOX2013 served as a fundraiser for LifeElder Care, which oversees the Meals on Wheels program. We want to thank everyone that graciously donated money or bought raffle tickets to help support our cause. And congratulations to each person that won the awesome prizes donated by SCION, AEM Performance, TenbyTen Custom Carbon, Racing Technologies, Brembo’s Commercial Partner, Weapon-R USA and Sonoma Raceway, just to name a few of the dozens of companies that supported our raffle program.

Congratulations, again, go out to each winner and runner-up in the car show competition. We saw a few repeat winners but were happier to see many 1st time award recipients. Keep up the great work everyone! We hope to see more 1st time winners and runner-ups next year.

With (38) vendors and (300) vehicles, BLOX2013 was another huge success. BLOX2013 is still the only major import event that is free to the public. With your continued support and participation, we hope to continue long into the future.

Sneak Peak – BLOX 2013 0 07-13-2013

Here is a sneak peak of BLOX2013.  The area shaded in blue represents the show area and hard street closure.  The area shaded in red represents the staging area and soft closure.

BLOX2013 will take place on Hammond and Westinghouse, off Warm Springs Blvd in Fremont.  More detailed information to follow.


MAP (v.1.0) not to scale; Tentative layout

BLOX2013 – Area Road Construction

Beginning June 17, a main section of Warren Avenue will be closed due to BART expansion construction.  Warren Avenue will be closed between Kato Road and Mission Falls Court.

Construction detour routes have already been planned and will be clearly marked.  It is highly recommended that BLOX2013 participants and attendees familiarize themselves with the planned closure and detours in order to save time.

Below is a map of the planned closure (in red) and alternate routes (in orange).bartmapRecommended Routes

880 South – Use Auto Mall Pkwy

880 North – Use Dixon Landing Rd

680 South – Use Mission Blvd

680 North – Use Scott Creek Rd