BLOX OH2012 a huge success!

July 14th marked the 3rd annual BLOX Car Show.  BLOX OH2012 was hosted at their complex in Fremont, CA.

There aren’t too many car show events in the Bay Area, but this is one that we mark on our calendar and look forward to each year.  Recently, there has been some debate as to whether or not this event is a “meet” or “car show”.  Let’s just put it this way: No meet, including a few car shows out there, offers as much as the BLOX Car Show does.  And how many can actually offer a full scale event that is 100% FREE for participants and attendees?!

Nearly 9,000 attendees were treated to a new layout.  Compared to the two previous events, the new floorplan created the space needed for additional vendors while providing a better flow throughout the venue. 51 vendors, including gourmet food trucks, were compiled into three “hot spot” and were kept busy throughout the day as hordes of people kept filing into the complex.  One display vehicle that caught our attention was the Ziggybuilt Integra.  It was swapped with a S2000 motor and converted to RWD.  The NOS Energy Drink stage capped off the vendor midway that featured One Scion of Oakland, which displayed two FRS and an IQ, and the US Air Force that represented with their recruitment personnel.

The BOTI judges were busy sorting through 460+ participants and deciding winner and (new for this year) runner-up awards for each category.  It’s worth mentioning that pre-registration had to be shut down, a little after, an hour after it was made available proving the popularity and demand for this event.  It was a great combination of all makes and models, including VIP and domestic muscle.  Although they weren’t part of the actual competition, OH2012 attendees were also treated to the sights of a Lexus LFA, Noble M400 and a twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo. Also part of the showcase was a Ruckus and scooter display.  Not be outdone, their two-wheelers garnered just as much as attention as their automotive counterparts.  However, the focal points were a turbocharged Ruckus and the debut of the BLOX Ruckus.  Standard Functions smartly custom-fabricated and used BLOX and BENEN products in the build.

There was also a Dunk Tank, which included Dunk the Skunk.  It was all in good fun and part of BLOX’s efforts to help raise needed funds for their charity, Meals on Wheels.  We can’t think of other larger scale events that try to raise money for charities, so we have to commend BLOX for their community outreach.  Daisy Jane and Erica Alexandra (of Imagine Models) and Angie Leah graciously donated their time (and hair and make up) in giving the attendees something to aim for.  Needless to say, showgoers had a good time watching each one get wet in the name of charity.

BLOX OH2012 went off without a hitch.  From roll-in to set-up everyone that was involved contributed to the overall success of the event.  By all accounts, this has grown into the Bay Area’s largest car show event.  We’re already curious to see what they’ll do differently next year.  For those of you that did not make it out, mark this event on your 2013 calendar.  We already have.

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