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Solid Gold…

BLOX Racing is pleased to add a new color to its existing line of rear trailing arm spherical bearing kits.  BLOX Racing spherical bearing kits significantly increase suspension performance. The rear trailing arm bearing kit directly replaces the soft, rubber factory bushings which contribute to the “sloppy” feel experienced by many during hard driving on road courses and race tracks.  BLOX Racing spherical units allow the vehicle’s suspension to maintain a better and more consistent geometry during hard cornering and spirited driving.  Proper geometry and set-up directly result in better tire contact patch.

Part Number

Retail: $240.00

Breathe Easier…

BLOX Racing is pleased to add 3.5″ composite velocity stacks in black and red.  The new 3.5″ velocity stacks are geared towards Honda S2000 and certain year BMW (based on MAF inlet diameter).  Injection-molded from PA66 glass-filled nylon, it significantly reduces the amount of heat soak absorbed by the velocity stack and then transferred to the air.  The design and construction helps to reduce the overall weight compared to metal counterparts, which in turn, reduces the mechanical stress placed on existing air induction system and mounts.

Part numbers
Black: BXIM-00312-BK
Red: BXIM-00312-RD

Retail: $42.50