BLOX Introduces New Products

1. BLOX RACING ALUMINUM RADIATORS are a perfect upgrade for any high performance or racing application. All radiators are 100% brazed aircraft quality aluminum and feature lightweight 2-row cores. The TIG-welded radiators have billet filler necks and come equipped with a drain plug and 1.1 Bar cap. Whether you drive your car on the streets or at the race track, BLOX Racing aluminum radiators provide the additional cooling efficiency and performance to keep your vehicle from overheating. Read More

2. BLOX RACING HIGH-PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC SLIM FANS are an ideal upgrade for performance enthusiasts and racers. Whether you already have a high performance radiator or are planning to purchase one, the BLOX Racing electric slim fan will deliver more air to the radiator and significantly aid in keeping your engine as cool as possible. BLOX Racing 10” and 12” electric slim fans are more durable and lighter than the bulky OEM units, and more importantly, will deliver more cooling capacity to your radiator. With its smaller size and higher capacity, your radiator will see maximum airflow compared to similar fans with bulkier shrouds. BLOX Racing electric slim fans will maintain consistent flow regardless of the engine’s RPM. Read More

3. BLOX RACING VERSION 3 INTAKE MANIFOLDS — This latest rendition takes induction performance to the next level by being able to incorporate its new surface-mount billet vacuum manifold block onto the manifold’s plenum. Now performance enthusiasts can have a single point for additional vacuum sources while maintaining a clean and custom look. The vacuum block can be easily bolted to the plenum without affecting the intake manifold’s installation process or performance. Without it, the BLOX Racing nameplate can still be placed onto the plenum. Surface-mount vacuum manifold blocks have six 1/8-NPT ports and are available in 6-colors and are sold separately. Read More

4. BLOX RACING NEW SURFACE-MOUNT VACUUM MANIFOLD BLOCKS are ideal for engine builders and tuners that require additional sources of vacuum. Although these function the same way as the original vacuum blocks, the surface-mount vacuum manifold blocks offer the additional flexibility needed in custom installations. Each surface-mount vacuum manifold block is CNC-machined from AL6061 and features six functional 1/8” NPT vacuum ports. These are easy and ideal method to tie in any boost controller and gauges, and any other components that require a separate vacuum source. The surface-mount vacuum manifold block can be mounted on BLOX Racing Version 3 intake manifolds for an even easier and cleaner installation. Read More